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A modern media brand for students and enthusiasts for the study of world military history and global civilizations

Armored History is a brand started by Clay Vagrant and is dedicated to the study of world military history and civilizations and aims to share this passion by way of historical fantasy books, scholarly works, social media, art, and merchandise. As a brand Armored History seeks to awaken the historian in all of us. Through modern and traditional forms of media AH ignites interest and passion for learning from the past. Remember to always check your sources!


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Armored History desires to dabble in exciting novels which include a variety of historical fantasy  books that re-imagines history and throws our favorite fantasy tropes into the mix. Ever wonder what would happen if the Roman Empire takes on an army of fantastical orcs and dragons? How would elite Ming imperial soldiers deal with a horde of vampires? It may sound silly to you, but to many of us, it's high entertainment value having a centurion cross blades with a massive long-tusked orc. 

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Clay Vagrant is  Asian American millennial who loves martial arts, military history and civilizations, and then reading and writing about them. He trains in the martial arts, reads books and plays video games often. He helped start the Armored History brand dedicated to students and fans of the study of world military history and historical fantasy genres. He does all his own stunts, artwork, design, and illustrations for book covers, marketing materials, and promotional media kits.

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