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In the 15th century, forbidden relics have resurrected an ancient evil and its many horrors. Concurrently, a powerful and ancient civilization of nonhumans has reemerged from obscurity and invaded the world of men to reclaim the domains it once ruled. Earth's empires must now face this existential threat with brutality and military force. Series ONE "War of the Dragon Throne" begins in imperial China and East Asia where the Ming Dynasty fights for its very survival.















Armored History brings world history to life through a collision with a fantasy universe. In Armored History, the great warriors and kingdoms of the medieval world stand face to face with the beasts, creatures, and monsters of a fantastical realm. 

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Clay Vagrant is  Asian American millennial who loves martial arts, military history and civilizations, and then reading and writing about them. He trains in the martial arts, reads books and plays video games often. He helped start the Armored History brand dedicated to students and fans of the study of world military history and historical fantasy genres. He does all his own stunts, artwork, design, and illustrations for book covers, marketing materials, and promotional media kits.

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